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the jog on my left. the pit bull, he is not allowed to move to canada because they banned them. there are no bad dogs. >> kimberly: yeah, there are. >> dana: but the interesting thing was about the picture, he has three jaspers and a pit bull. >> kimberly: i would like to bring up henry. >> eric: hav vanilla kim latte. >> kimberly: this is a fox news royal bump alert. she is looking fabulous. she was out today. everybody loved the video. >> bob: i thought she was pregnant. >> kimberly: she is. that is the point of my one more thing. you can see the baby bump. >> bob: barrelly. >> kimberly: she looks gorgeous and feeling better. god bless.
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every day. super girl eva. give me the next one. there is tim. look at lar. giving the five. how cool is this guy? i will continue do "the five." >> bob: would you admit when the priest does this -- >> bretthis -- >> i made that up. >> i know. i believed you. >> kimberly: you made up the rubber bands, too. >> i tell my students -- >> bob: people don't know that about you, but you do. >> i'm going to be off for a couple days. see you monday. thanks for watching. see you monday. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: president obama tries to bring the possibility of massive cuts in spending growth right to your doorstep. this is "special report." note ♪
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♪ >> bret: i'm bret baier. president obama wantous to feel his pape over a series of cuts in spending growth set to take effect in two weeks. today, he laid out real world concerns, such as reduction in emergency service. child care and job security. chief white house correspondent ed hyperion whether any deal over the sequester is possible. >> people will lose their jobs. the unemployment rate might tick up again. >> senior administration official admitted today both parties are so dug in, massive spending cuts are all but certain to kick in. leading to layoffs the president said for first responders and ups of thousands of others though he incysts he has an open door to work out a deal. >> they don't have to happen. there is a matter way to do this. to reduce the deficits without harming our economy. but congress has to act.
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>> republican leaders say they haven't been contacted by the president since the inaugural. >> the republicans had plans to avoid sequester and at the time the president responded threatening a veto. >> some in congress trying to undo the automatic spending cuts. my message is simple. no. i will veto any effort to get rid of the automatic spending cuts, domestic spending. >> spokesman jay carney said the problem is the republicans wanted a plan that would not balance with spending cut an tax increases. >> we do not support undoing the sequester in a way that says you know what? we will throw double the
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number of kids out of head start and make tunnel the cuts to education. >> speaspeaker john boehner fird back saying last month the president got the higher taxes on the wealthy and is back for more. the american people understand revenue debate is closed. close the loophole and carve out attack code but it should be used to lower rate across the board. enter the former cochair of the president tet commission that up vailed a new version of the plan today to save $2 $2.4 trillion. double the sequester. they want more spending cut than the president wants and warned mr. obama's legacy will be tarnished if he doesn't act on social security and medicare. >> if he wants to leave it alope and not deal with the biggies, he will have a failed presidency. >> since simpson-bowles called for $600,000 in tax revenue, they say it obligates the
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g.o.p. claim to balance the budget without doing both. >> there is criticism of the president for not reaching out today. outreach on immigration. >> kerfuffle at the briefing because senator rubio office said they never heard from the white house on immigration. white house said there were five meetings. rubio folks said they were just briefing, not meetings. the president tried to put it to rest. the president op callous said he feels good about the prospect for a deal. senator rubio office says he feels good. everyone is good. the question is if they come together on a deal. >> how good? as ed reported general john
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allen is retiring from the u.s. military and will not seek the post of the nato supreme allied commander in europe. the white house originally pushed back on a report. but today issued a statement on the general's retirement. allen's nomination was put on hold while investigated as part of the scandal that was, that forced c.i.a. trekker david petraeus from office. google stock price topped $800 for the first time today. the dow and the s&p both hit five-year highs today as well. the industrial average up. the 500 gained 11. >> this report from virginia base security firm highly
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charged because it lays out compelling case that the electronic trail leads to the military. it cites the nondescript building on the outskirt of shanghai that has chinese cyber espionage unit. >> we are doing thousands of intrusion and it leads us back to the same neighborhood. >> considering a safe secret by the chinese the report says the units are comfortable with english and have strong computer skill. >> it has excel and power point and documents and companys doing the merger and acquisition, we see targeted threat against e-mail. >> estimated $300 million of trade secrets last. the democratic chair of the intelligence committee said this is a sobering public report and demonstrates the need for cyber security
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legislation as soon as possible. point emphasized by the white house. >> this is an important challenge, one the president has been working on and urging congress to take action on for quite some time. >> intensity of the cyber assault with the military and the communist party is reaching a point it may impact the relationship between washington and beijing. >> we have raised our concern at the highest level. >> so the president raised it with the president of china? >> in that statement they try to dismiss the finding saying the hacking attacks are transnational and anonymous. determining their origin is difficult. went to know how the evidence in the so-called report is
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tenable. >> it will only partly address the problem calling for expansion of the threat by the u.s. government beyond it was sector. >> let's talk more about the cyber attack, how prev leapt they are and what the u.s. is doing about them with an expermit. brendan conlan official with the security agency and now founder and ceo of a private security firm. vanna, started last year. thank you for being here. tell me what you did. >> i was there for 12 years and worked in cyber security realm. >> so i look at the resume and it says deputy chief of integrated cyber operation in the information assurance directorate. so english, you were running red team, blue team trying to
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figure out what you worked and what didn't on cyber offense and defense. >> correct. >> red team look at the penetration testing of the u.s. government networks. >> bret: for the average person out there, how serious is the cyber threat that the u.s. now faces? for private companies and the u.s. government? >> it's largeer for the private companies. where that is where most penetration is happening. >> is the u.s. good at defending? >> there is room for improvement. overall we are good -- >> the u.s. government. are we vuller inable? you hear horror stories about what could happen about the next threat could be nation
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state that takes over something. is that realistic? >> whether or not it's realistic, there are vulnerabilities there and priv lent threat. on private industry side there is a threat. >> they target the intellectual property. from inside the u.s., looking for the private information for the typical individual in the country. >> bret: there is a new study out we heard a report about virginia based cyber security firm. charging the chinese set up a one building. it comes back to one place they say. take a listen to head of this firm. >> it didn't take much to put one and up with together. that building harbored the group. we know where the building is.
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i can't tell you where it is. inside it's hard to estimate. 12-story building. maybe it's hundreds of folks or thousands. i can tell you it's output. what they are responsible for is thousands of companys compromised. sustained effort, too. this is going on for seven years. your knowledge of chinese activity -- >> the problem is largeer than just the countries in this report. there is a lot of organizatio organizations. politically motivated organization not necessarily tied to the nation state actors. >> bret: the reality of the chinese investing in one building and their arm having the secret unit, you could buy that? >> there is a lot of threats out there. a broad ranging wide swath of organizations targeting the u.s. intellectual property. >> i know it's tough to talk specifics, because some of this gets in to classified
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areas. the threats, bombardment constant? what are guys seeing at the nsa at the sites we are trying to defend against? >> from a private industry standpoint there are thousands of ips depts taking place each day. you put up network at any given point it will get, somebody will try to break in to it. low-grade hackers in some places but others is high-end. >> bret: what do private companys need to do? say outside the government. >> they need to look at the open security posture. raise their open investment for their own security postur posture. particularly for medium companies, security from network standpoint is not looked at. look at security and take it seriously.
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then read papers like what is put out recently. >> bret: the president signed a directive to share information. congress has not managed to act fully on a comprehensive bill as you know. it seems like it stalled over privacy concerns. are you concerned? >> from a private sector perspective a lot of the different security issues can be handleed in-house with the open organization. >> bret: thank you. >> thank you. >> bret: up next, he has wasted no time making a first impression. look at the already controversial freshman senator from texas. ♪
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>> bret: texas republican
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senator ted cruz made a vivid first impression. he is being accused of mccarthyism, self-promotion and all kind of other things. chief political correspondent carl cameron takes a look. >> freshman lawmaker ted cruz, the state's first hispanic u.s. senator is getting more press than most of his veteran colleagues in the senate, much of it is hyper critical. under the headline, "the g.o.p. nasty newcomer" the "new york times" dubbed him an "ornery, swaggering piece of work." he has earned a reputation for keeping the campaign promises and voting for strict disciplinfiscaldiscipline. >> i don't think what washington needs is more compromise. he needs common sense and principle. >> he opposed sandy disaster relief and voted against related flood insurance bill. he was one of three no votes for kerry for secretary of state. during chuck hagel's confirmation process for
3:19 pm
defense secretary, cruz expressed alarm for hagel's support for the nomination and wondered if he had be paid by foreign governments including north korea. >> i don't know if mr. hagel received funds directly or indire sources, extreme sources. but his refusal to provide disclosure. >> senator cruz has gone over the line. he has impugned the patriotism of the nominee. >> cruz denied that insisting he was asking questions. even john mccain who opposing hagel's nomination didn't buy it. >> senator hagel is an honorable man. he has served his country, and no up with on this committee at any time should impugn his character or integrity. >> that only had another liberal piling on cruz. >> this guilt by association reminds us of senator joe
3:20 pm
mccarthy. >> they see cruz as -- [ inaudible ] cruz, whose father was fortured in castro cuba is seen as charismatic hispanic of princeton and can help the g.o.p. appeal to minorities. cruz made his presence felt in a short time by the senate stap dards. the attack proof of his short-term impact but too early to figure out what will happen in six years whether it hurts or helps. right now, liberals are blasting him. that adds to preexisting buzz of important latino senator. >> bret: what do you think of senator cruz? let me know on twitter. follow me at @brettbaier. update now to a story we have been following on the channel. supreme court says an american service member has the right to challenge for custody of his child who now lives in scotland with her mother.
3:21 pm
that decision overturns a ruling from lower court and has major implication for many in military. justices agreed to rule on whether the campaign contribution limits are legal. and the constitutionality of a law requiring federal jurysies to reach unanimous verdict and allow state to make a different rule. georgia death row inmate is scheduled to be executed at the top of the hour unless he receives last-minute relief from court. low hill was serving life sentence convicted in the death of a fellow inmate. his petition for they of execution is pending before the u.s. supreme court now. his lawyer argues hill is me tally disabled and should not be executed. still ahead, joke about voter fraud that isn't funny anymore. first arab state get serious about surveillance with u.s. tech no.
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>> bret: south african olympic star oscar pistorius says he shot his girlfriend by mistake and then tried to save her, but she died in his arms. the story, his lawyer read a affidavit in court today. the double amputee says he thought she was a robber. authorities have charged him with premeditated murder. his girlfriend was creammateed today at a private memorial service in port elizabeth. at least two mortars landed near a presidential palace in damascus, syria today. no injuries were reported. a syrian missile strike leveled stretch of building and killed 19 people in aleppo next monday night.
3:26 pm
america high-tech surveillance imported by the uae. they are buying nearly two dozen predator drones. so is that a good idea? national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the pentagon tonight. >> for the past 19 year 12 yeare u.s. held asymmetric advantage over the enemies with unmanned aerial surveillance. for first time, the u.s. agreed to sell predators to allies in the middle east. uae, defense official announced the deal at the larmest arms exposition. sources close to deal confirm the uae agreed to buy $1.4 billion in u.s. weapons including $200 million in unarmed predator drones. about 20 remotely piloted aircraft from the jep atomic aeronautical system. the predators would be
3:27 pm
modified and unarmed but there is no way to be sure they would remain that way. >> people are pretty innovative in terms of being able to modify aircraft so they could be armed. so it's certainly not fool-proof. >> the former u.s. air force deputy chief of staff for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance is not opposed to deal because it gives those in the gulf greater advantage over the me is especially as the concerns rise above iran. >> we have a particular asymmetric advantage with remotely aircraft and the lead won't last forever. >> saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are seeking to buy drops for some time. the state department and pentagon would not confirm the state which has not been briefed to kwong. until now the u.s. has not agreed to sell them to anyone in the middle east. bret? >> thank you. should women have to disarm
3:28 pm
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>> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. palo alto state democratic senator is taking heat for telling women they don't need to pack it. >> that's why we have call
3:32 pm
boxes and safe zones and the whistles. because you just don't know who you are going to be shooting at. you don't know if you feel like you are going to be raped or if you feel like some zun swob following you around or if you feel like you are in trouble and when you may not be that you pop out the gup and you pop, pop a round at somebody. >> bret: a blogger said this is the real war on women. "i talked about the progressive insistence that women disarm, women according to representative salazar, are hysterical things which shoot indiscriminately at any and everything. salazar issued a statement today saying he was sorry if he offended anyone. the colorado house g.o.p. is still not satisfied with that apology. two businesses president obama visited have closed in recent days. he went to one a few years
3:33 pm
ago. it has since closed due to landlord-tenant dispute. weekly standard reports the buick, iowa, brewery now has a sign on the door permanently closed. finally, new hampshire's house is voting this week whether the lawmakers should get free passm for cannon mountain. a local t station reports opponents say using the perk half a dozen times would be worth four time the lawmakers' salary. supports argue they should have open access to state park to promote awareness of location. some majority of the action committee recommended killing the bill. now political joke that isn't so funny after all. you heard at it million times. vote early and often. well, tonight seep your correspondent eric shawn reports no one in ohio is laughing anymore. >> three months after the election, the obama-biden both stood proudly in front of the
3:34 pm
vet rap since gnatty pope worker richardson house. she admitted she voted twice. authorities are investigating she cast up to six ballots in the presidential election there. i voted twice. >> she told a local television station she voted in perp and by absentee ballot because she was afraid her vote would not count. and she volted op behalf of two other people and two more absentee ballots mailed from her house but she insists they were legal. >> there was no intent to commit fraud. >> we were not able to contact richardson but hers is one of 19 suspected voter fraud cases involved by the what millton county board of elections. >> it appears that she attempted to vote more than once but was successful at it. >> ohio secretary of state called for hearings throughout the state on cases of voter fraud and voter disenfranchisement. >> it undermines public confidence and democracy when those things occur in the
3:35 pm
system. that is why we need whether you are a democrat or a republican to root out all cases of voter fraud. it undermines legitimacy of people we elect for office. >> i'm outraged. every voter should be outraged. this important process to the democracy is being severely danieled by people who aren't playing by the rules. >> board of elections summoned richardson and others suspec suspected as part of the investigation. meanwhile, several places have -- cases referred to prosecutors. cincinnati, ohio, i'm eric bollingi'm eric,shawn, fox news. >> bret: louisiana republican leland vittert said he found wide-spread use of uneo official e-mail account of the epa and seds the acting administrator used such an account to conduct official business which is violation of federal law. the senator says another epa official will resign this week
3:36 pm
after being investigated on a similar matter. updating a story now we had earlier, the u.s. supreme court has denied a stay of execution for georgia inmate warren lee hill. he still has one more avenue of appeal, the 11 circuit court. but hill accepted the sedative given before the walk to execution chamber. new budget plan from simpson-bowles. how it fits in with the looming sequester. we will talk about it all with the fox all-stars when we return. great, everybody made it. we all work remotely so this is a big deal, our first full team gathering! i wanted to call on a few people. ashley, ashley marshall... here. since we're often all on the move, ashley suggested we use fedex office to hold packages for us. great job. [ applause ] thank you. and on a protocol note, i'd like to talk to tim hill about his tendency to use all caps in emails. [ shouting ] oh i'm sorry guys. ah sometimes the caps lock gets stuck on my keyboard. hey do you wanna get a drink later?
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[ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. these cuts are not smart, they are not fair, they will hurt our economy and they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to ton employment rolls. people will lose their jobs. republicans face a simple choice. are they willing to
3:40 pm
compromise, to protect vital investments in education, healthcare and national security? and all the jobs that depend on them? or would they rather put hundreds of thousands of jobs and the economy at risk just to protect a few special interest tax loopholes that benefit the wealthy americans and biggest corporations? that is the choice. >> bret: president obama today hammering republicans saying they need to act to stop the sequester, which, of course, would cut the rate of growth. we talk about here. not real cuts. but cutting the rate of growth in washington those are called cuts. how speaker john boehner -- house speaker john boehner had a taper release today where he said once again, the president offered no credible plan. last month, the president got his higher taxes on wealthy and is back for more. the american people understand the re-knew is closed. we should close loopholes and carve out the tax code.
3:41 pm
but the revenue should be used to lower rate across the board. tax reform is a once in a general race opportunity to lose job creation in america. it should not be squandered to enable more washington spendal. spending is the problem and must be the focus. he continues, washington democrats newfoundbe concern about the president's sequester is appreciated. the words alope won't avert it. replacing the sequester will require a plan to cut spending to put us on the path to a budget that is balanced in ten years to keep first responders on the job. what other spending is the president willing to cut. with that, bring in the panel. steve hayes for "weekly standard." mara liasson, political correspondent of marble public radio and welcome jason riley. editorial board member of the "wall street journal." jason, what do you think? the president making his pitch, there and phrases we have heard before. balance. >> armageddon. if we get the sequester cuts. no first responders, the
3:42 pm
cities will burn. no border patrol. illegal immigrants will flee across the border. this is ridiculous. $85 billion in $3-point # trillion government. 5% domestic spending. 7% defense spending. the world will not end. rhetorical lengths that the president will go to score political points is astounding. >> bret: mara, what about how this -- it appears that we are heading to this point. it does nod appear that there is time to get it done. right? >> or the inclination to get it done. what happened to the tet ceiling. republicans decided they don't want to make a fan of debt ceiling. it sounds like the sequester will happen. we don't know how long it goes in effect for. when they go in effect, it will be painful and there will be the pressure on republicans to come to the table to negotiate what the president
3:43 pm
calls the balanceed approach. to do spending cuts. maybe not. we don't know. republicans seem to think that at least getting the cuts would level the playing field. may will go forward in government shutdown debate from there. i think the sequester is going to happen. >> bret: back in novembe november 2011, when -- we have all be through this, where sequester was proposed by the white house a something that it would be so bad that the super committee had to get their job on the. it didn't happen. after the super committee disbands, that night, the president says this -- >> already, some in congress try to undue the spending cut. my message is simple. no i will veto any evident to
3:44 pm
get rid of the automaticbe it was cut. no easy off-ramp on this one. we need to keep the pressure up to compromise. not turn off the pressure. >> bret: the white house is saying they were pushing for balanced plan and that is what he was saying. >> that is a pretty striking comment. the thing he is described as jason suggests he was describing something akin to thomas hob state of nature. where everybody, everybody for themselves. it's not going to happen. but the president back then was in favor of the cuts. now he is saying it would be catastrophic. he proposed he signed the bill and made the argument. republicans did this, too. >> bret: voted for it. >> they did. they embrassed it. i remember being on the phone with the key republican staffers to talk to republican members at time as they said look, this will never happen. we will never the sequester
3:45 pm
involved in the super committee. both sides are at fault. definitely both sides switched the arguments in recent cases to make a point. the thing that is interesting to watch is how the republicans handle defense cuts. defense cuts are different than the domestic discretionary cuts that are discussed because it's diffuse. they are spread over number of agencies and more easily absorbed. defense cuts come after $16 billion in efficiencies that bob gaits before he left. now you are looking at potentially 49 billion in defense cuts. best case scenario if you do something akip to what the democrats are talking about, $21 billion. >> sequest tration is not the way to go.
3:46 pm
we are looking what we learned since 2011 he won't cut spending unless his hand is forced. for 30 years bipartisan tax reform has included lowering rates in return for closing loopholes. he increase rates. says he wants to close the loopholes, but part of the fiscal cliff deal involved a carve-out. so closing loopholes? i hi the republicans republicans realize policy is not working and sequester is the only way to hold his hand. >> bret: i want the back end of this panel talking about simpson-bowles. the second part of simpson-bowles. here is what they are coming forward with. reduce the budget by $2.4 trillion in step years. cut $600 billion in spending from the medicare and medicaid limit. lower cap on discretionary spending. tar fete for tet as percentage of gdp less than 70%.
3:47 pm
listen to simpson-bowles today. >> if doesn't get a handle on the entitlements and the solvency of social security. he will have a failed presidency. >> what we're trying to do is push them out of a comfort zone, we are asking republicans to do re-knew and asking democrats to do more in the area of healthcare reform. and to make the social security sustainably sol vent. that pushes them both out of the recovery zone. it's enough to put our fiscal house in order. that is what we think is important. >> i asked this many times. why not give the guys the guys the ball and just throw them across the finish line? >> they are the most important outside actors in the debate. they have done it every time and lay out what both sides have to do. if there is a grand bargain this is what it looks like.
3:48 pm
are both parties willing to do it? it's $1 trillion more than what the president says is needed. every budget watch says you have to do $2.4 trillion to get the fiscal situation on sustainable course. >> but you have seep democrats move in opposite tyrannosaurus rex in entitlement. entitlement is driver of debt. they have to be reformed structurally to make any difference in the trajectory of the long-term tet. democrats signaled develop and develop in congress and recently at the white house, cray carney's comments last week, which were largely unnoticeed in washington where he said basically the white house is not in favor of raising the eligibility. >> chain cpi is on the table. >> it's accounting thing that should happen regardless of anything else. not a cop session. medicare question is a huge deal. if he is not trogg consider, that they are taking things off the table. >> last word. >> government spending increased 21 to 24 p.c. under
3:49 pm
obama. he is not interested in cutting spending. this is a guy who looked favorably on the social welfare state of europe with higher spending and tolerate lower productivity and higher unemployment. that's what he wants in place in this country. >> we will talk aboutbe this more. next up is texas republican senator ted cruz is new media punching bag? [ whistle blows ]
3:50 pm
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i don't know if mr. hagel received funds directly or indirectly from foreign sources from extreme sources, but his refusal to provide disclosure i think is highly troubling. >> senator cruz has gone over the line. he basically has impugned the
3:53 pm
patriotism of the nominee. >> i watched him. in the hearings. and i saw joe mccarthy and the way he was prosecuting the case, the way he was putting up evidence, innuendo, guilt by association. >> i don't think what washington needs is more compromise. washington needs more common sense and more principle. >> bret: freshman republican senator ted cruz is getting attention lately in washington. "new york times" had a big spread about the senator. and the attention he is getting and the elevator in there. the quote, last month, mr. cruz faced off aggressively with senator chuck schumer of new york on a sunday talk show. mayor rahm emanuel wrote to the chief of big banks urging them not to invest in gun manufacturers mr. cruz followed up with letters criticizing the bullying of a political godfather. after she raised speckor of mccarthyism, mccaskill from missouri asked if she had
3:54 pm
spoken to cruz about her concerns. "i'm not sure it would do any good. do you?" back with the panel. what about this? steve? >> look, ted cruz came to washington and med a conscious decision he would accept the public role he was certain to have being outspoken conservative from texas and hispanic, when he got to washington. it was different. different course than marco rubio took, different course than hillary clinton took. to a certain extent you expect he would get greater scrutiny given that he has chosen to accept the role. what is funny about the scrutiny, is how over the top harsh it is. the "new york times" articles not worth talk about chris matthews but you know there has been a systemic effort i think to go after ted cruz to marginalize him and make him look crazy. conservatives look at ted cruz and they want someone in
3:55 pm
washington who is willing to disrupt the old order. the problem with washington is the way it operated. if you have a senator who comes in and challenges the convention, like most conservatives myself included we think it's a good thing. >> bret: mara there was a lot of conservatives a in the beginning of sarah palin before she had tough interviews there at the beginning believed that the media had it out for her and thought there was a derangement syndrome there, that they were focused on the fact it was a successful conservative woman. this is a successful conservative latino hispanic lawmaker and are we getting in derangement syndrome with ted cruz? >> i don't know if that i case yet. first of all, he has take an high profile role. i don't think the coverage bothers him one bit. it's good for him. makes him more well-known. he is rand paul of a freshman senator not waiting in line, not keeping his head down. just going for it.
3:56 pm
i think that the one incident in hagel hearing was shocking when you suggest someone has taken money from foreign government before you know if they have, but other than that, he has given it right back there. haven't been gotcha interviews with senator cruz. he is able to defend himself and he is doing what he came to washington to do and getting a lot of attention. >> there is something of a double standard here, though. the coverage, once again in the coverage of liberal versus conservatives. ted cruz wants more financial records from hagel. one of 24 senators who asked for more financial records. last week, freshman senator elizabeth warren spent time calling for more transparency in the consumer financial protection bureau. where are the article of her sharp elbows and not playing nice with colleagues while supposed to build bridges and so forth? ted cruz, texas knows what
3:57 pm
they were getting. he is behaving as they campaigned. they elected a senator and he takes the role seriously. >> the "new york times" coverage of elizabeth warren, the furthest they would go is call her acerbic. >> bret: we will talk more about this, i'm sure in days and weeks ahead. we have breaking news now. we have just learned that georgia death row inmate warren lee hill has in fact been granted a stay of execution. just minutes before he was scheduled to die. the court after appeals issued the stay minutes after the supreme court refused to do that. his lawyer argues that hill is me tally disabled and should not be executed. this is a temporary stay. we'll follow the story. stay tune to see the marriage of two big stories this week. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
3:58 pm
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